Amy W. (2013-09-15): I didn't know where to get a paraffin hand dip. I tried checking directories, and in the few places I called the service wasn't offered. There was one who referred me to a hospital, but that wasn't what I wanted. While in California, I have tried it several times and it was from a massage place.

My hands could get so tired in the office, and massages usually make them well. However, I enjoy the hot sensation of the paraffin which really penetrates the bones. It was what I wanted that particular day. And I wasn't getting any headway locating a place that offered it.

I was at the point when I almost had it for the day, when I chanced upon Massamio in this directory. I went to its website and entered my location, and filtered for paraffin hand dip.You wouldn't believe it, there was only one therapist who did paraffin. How was I to find her if it weren't for this site and Massamio?

I checked her schedule and profile. I made an appointment by clicking and typing a few info on the site and Voila! I was set for my appointment with Nicole Glesinger. The service was very simple, yet finding it was very complicated. Thank you there was Massamio. It turned out great and easy to use. The therapy with Nicole was so good. And she had other services which I booked for future appointment. 5 stars